Twisted Metal: Head On (USA)

Get ready for the next installment in the Twisted Metal car combat series. Twisted Metal: Head-On puts you behind the wheel of one of 14 destructive vehicles, each equipped with machine guns, turbo boost, and a unique special attack. Once you select a vehicle, you can take out your road rage on opponents in 12 wild arenas. The game also offers multiplayer modes for up to eight players through a wireless connection.


Publisher: Sony
Genre: Driving » Car Combat
Release Date: 2005-05-28
Source: UMD
Disc ID: UCUS-98601
ISO size: 799 MB
Image Format: .ISO
Scene Group: Dynarox
CRC32: 7861ECC5 (Fixed iso)
Languages: English


Download: Part 1 –  Part 2

Password: “” (without ” “)

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