Rakugaki Showtime (JPN) SLPM-86272 PSX2PSP

Rakugaki Showtime is a game along the same vein as Poitter’s Point (Also known as Poy Poy )where in you try to defeat the opponents by throwing things at them.

Welcome to the world of Rakugaki. An imaginary game world, created entirely by the pencil drawings of the “God Hand”. The characters who inhabit this world were created by the God Hand in the same way… Yukiwo, Sasami, Pitanand Tsubohachi; the four members of the “Heroes Team”, and Daddy; who commands the mysterious enemy character army. Called the “Heroes and Enemies”, they are all controlled by their master, and follow their predetermined (created?) fate. Today a battle to the end unfolds…

Rakugaki Showtime you play as a rakugaki (scribble) character, who must fight against other rakugaki characters in a square 3D arena. The fights mainly consist of throwing items at the opposition. However, throwing is not as simple as “pick up, aim & throw”. In Rakugaki Showtime different “drives” can be placed on the thrown items by holding different directions whilst throwing. Holding the direction towards the target will cause a “Forward Drive Throw”, which is like a faster normal throw, albeit weaker. Holding the direction away from the target will cause you to do a “Backward Drive Throw”, which will cause your character to throw the item slower and in an arc, but it will cause far more damage.

By performing a “Counter”, you are able to block most items thrown at you. If your timing is off, the Item will just bounce off you and drop down. But if you “Counter” just before the item hits you, your character will perform a “Donpisha Counter” (Donpisha means to trigger immediately), which causes the item to be reflected back at the original thrower.


Publisher: Enix
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 29 July 1999
Disc ID:  SLPM-86272
ISO size: 338 MB
Image Format: EBOOT.PBP
Region: NTSC-J
Languages: Japanese


Download: Part 1 –  Part 2

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