Bloody Roar II (USA-PSN) NPUJ-94424


Bloody Roar is back with this sequel. Among the new and improved features are seven new characters (along with four original fighters) complete with new moves and looks. Like the original, each character has an inner-beast; Yugo morphs into a ravenous wolf and the vampire-like Jenny turns into a bat. There are nine initially selectable characters with two more waiting to be found.

The Arcade mode offers a no-frills competition against the computerized AI. If players get bored with the Arcade mode, a second player can join in the action or select the Versus option — a two-player brawl. Survival mode tests to see how many opponents a player can beat without getting knocked out. In the Story mode, the real draw of Bloody Roar II, each character comes with his or her own unique scenario. By winning rounds, the story unfurls and resolves after the final conflict.

Players selecting the Watch mode go to a ringside where two computer-controlled opponents battle it out. Finally, the Custom option allows players to take on various scenarios requiring certain skills. Each round has a specific qualification to meet, in order to move on. Completing this mode unlocks new, more powerful moves for the chosen character.

Bloody Roar II runs at 60 frames per second and utilizes the PlayStation’s high-resolution graphical abilities. It supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller for both analog control and the vibration function. A Memory Card will save the unlocked characters as well as customized combination attacks.


Publisher: Sony
Genre: Fighting
Release Date: 2010-06-08
Source: PSN
ID: NPUJ-94424
ISO size: 310 MB
Image Format: EBOOT.PBP
Languages: English

Download: Part 1 –  Part 2

Password: “” (without ” “)

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  • Mr.Oppai

    as far as i can remember when i had this on the ps wasnt it called Blood Roar II: The new breed. its also like that on PSN

  • Nico

    Ups, “bringer of the new age” was the title for Europe and Japan, while “the new breed” was for USA, i wasn’t aware of the “the new breed” subtitle since i grew up with the European version.

    Here both in action:

    Anyway changed the title since this is American.

  • Mr.Oppai

    ah my title screen was more like this on the ps

  • Nico

    Reuploaded as PSN version.